CNN Interview of a young Egyptian,

in Egypt’s Turn since Tuesday the 25th of Jan 2011

“Tuesday was the happiest day of my life. This is the beginning of the rest of my life.”

Our 21st September 2010 International Day of Peace Conversation with Shereef

Shereef : But you know, here in Egypt, I feel…TRAPPED

because in Egypt, we are making our best just to bring food to the table

We have this political system that is…we don’t have any democracy you can think of

We have a General who is ruling our country since more than 30 years

& who is getting ready to bring his son to be the next President

This cannot give us the Space to express our emotions & ideas

To participate in this kind of efforts for peace, for friendship around the world

Egypt Turns

Dear Shereef and the People of Egypt,

In a globally uncaring Power system, we stand with the People of Egypt in their crystal-clear river of change.

Our Egyptian friend Shereef , we run happily around the turn with you, wishing you & your mother, wife and daughters well.

The People of Afghanistan and the world have quietly pursued this human vision of peace since forever, so our hearts are within Egyptian hearts, along your calm but raging rivers.

Shereef, run! Freely run!


Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

The River Nile

Egyptian Exodus

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