“Love letters from Kabul – on a fairer community”

A fairer life for all

Dear friends and fellow human beings,

25th  January, 2013 ( Gregorian calendar )

6th Dalw 1391 ( Afghan calendar )

From Abdulhai

It’s hard to live in community, yet without community, I’d be alone.

Lately, my heart has been spinning and turning and wondering about a borderless world.

Abdulhai working towards making friends from every country in the world

I feel that the vision of the whole world being one big family is beautiful. But is it possible?

I mean, I already have problems living with just a few people, especially with those who don’t keep their rooms clean.

I am old enough to know that it’s not nice to be cynical about people. I told Hakim, “I don’t like the way I’ve become more negative about life in general.”

Even relatives are nasty to one another. So, how can a whole world of strangers get along?

I also seem to have problems with the people I love, including my mother. I sometimes think that perhaps I shouldn’t love anyone too much, because then, I expect more of them and get hurt more often.

I’m not sure.

Love seems to ‘draw’ me out to a better world, but yet, I’ve often wanted to give up on the Afghan Peace Volunteer community.

Sometimes, sadly, it gets too hard.

From Samia

I miss my community in Laghman.

The people in Laghman had problems, but they would still help one another.

Here in Kabul, the rich people don’t seem to care at all. Some of them behave as if we don’t exist.

That’s partly why I like coming to the Afghan Peace Volunteers’ classes. The teachers not only teach; the peace volunteers recognize our presence. So, I’m trying to learn to read, write and count, and so is Walina.

Walina was asked by the teacher to leave the class as she had trouble with some students in class. Hakim met with the teacher, Walina and myself, and we made an agreement. Now, Walina seems happier, so maybe she can learn better.

She is also grateful to the teachers and the peace volunteer community.

Do you think I’m being too sentimental about my friends in Laghman?

Samia misses her community


From Hakim

”Do you think we’re mad? “Abdulhai asked  as we and the other Afghan Peace Volunteers launched the One World in One Week Campaign, hoping to find friends from all 195 countries of the world.

I believe love can break those human borders.

Borderless love.

Borderless love is not an unreachable ideal to imagine about.

It is cumulative, faithful and almost mundane community-based actions for me to take daily, in order to demonstrate that:

The international community does not have a ‘successful’ global economy when many human beings are still dying from lack of basic human needs.

Conventional education doesn’t make us ‘smarter’, and definitely not kinder.

We should wake up with the people movements of the world in de-glorifying and questioning money and power. Today’s self-interested leaders are NOT cool.

The use of force, including armed force, is undignified, and useless against hunger and hate.

The ‘terrorist’ could be me.

I’m sobered by Khalil Gibran’s warning that ‘no one shall open the floodgates of his ancestors without drowning.’

So yes, it’s going to get really hard, Abdulhai, but isn’t hatred harder?

And yes, sometimes, I feel like I’m drowning.

For Afghan children to look forward to a world of borderless love,

we need to build it.


Abdulhai, Samia and Hakim

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