#Enough! Let’s Be Friends

#Enough! Let's Be Friends Energy

Earth GEN sharing food, water, shelter, greenery, healing, reconciliation, happiness and stories with one another

I am you. You are we.

Relate! Relate! Relate!

Relate! It’s a Re-mergency!

Connect. It’s critical.

Connect people, connect the dots.


Dear friends of our human family,

With your support, over the past one year, we have found 908 friends from 67 countries. Please continue to help us find friends from every country in the world.

In Kabul, we are bringing together multi-ethnic Afghan youth from all 34 provinces in Afghanistan, to join Earth GEN (Green, Equal and Nonviolent) in celebrating the International Day of Peace on the 21st of September 2016.

“I’m Hadisa Gowhari, a student at the American University            in Afghanistan and also a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers. I always fear I could die in the streets here…

Relationships motivate us, so when you share resources with those near you, and then with others in the human family across the Earth, your energies will reach us and circle back to you!

Sincerely from Kabul,

Earth GEN Earth GEN ( Green, Equal, Nonviolent) : Earth GENeration are people everywhere building local alternatives for a shared life, as equal friends with Nature and all members of the human family!

#Enough! Movement

Afghan Peace Volunteers






#Enough! Let's Be Friends Launch

Relate! Relate! Relate!

Join Earth GEN for #Enough! Let’s Be Friends:

  1. Find One Friend: Ask one other friend to join Earth GEN ( Green, Equal and Nonviolent ) by sending an email or message to enough@ourjourneytosmile.com / Facebook / Twitter / Skype – Afghan Peace Volunteers
  2. Share One Resource: food, water, shelter, greenery, healing, reconciliation, happiness and stories with one another. You can register your local sharing action here: Sharing Action
  3. Consider One Agreement: Consider signing The People’s Agreement to Abolish War


Relate It's a Remergency Street Kids

Relate! It’s a Re-mergency!

The Borderfree Street Kids Tufan ( Pashtun), Su-ood ( Uzbek), Farzad ( Hazara) and Matin ( Tajik ).

One of their volunteer teachers says in this video, “I’m Hadisa Gowhari, a student at the American University in Afghanistan and also a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers. I always fear I could die in the streets here…


In Afghanistan, we the Afghan Peace Volunteers, realize that a root cause of war is that people across the world don’t treat one another as equals. The earth and our human family has been exploited, divided from one another, de-humanized and made to live disparate and self-interested lives. We, as members of the human family with no political or religious aims, wish to change this through relationships! Relating will heal and liberate!


The Hands of #Earth GEN

Earth GEN

#Enough! Let’s be friends on our borderfree Earth!

Barath Khan ( Afghan Pashtun ) and Zekerullah Ahmadi ( Afghan Hazara ) are the hands forming the Earth in the photo. They used the Borderfree Blue Scarf to form the Earth and green powdered paint to mark out the continents. From years of war and politics, some Pashtun and Hazara communities are prejudiced against one another, and likewise among the Tajiks, Uzbeks and other ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Barath and Zekerullah are changing this social dynamic. They lived together in Kabul for three years, in an intentional multi-ethnic community of nonviolence, which was an effort of the Afghan Peace Volunteers to exemplify the peaceful human family.


#Enough! Afghan youth Abid wants clean air and food



Maryam says #Enough! of Afghan kids having to work

Afghan boy Amir loves soccer, not war!

#Enough! Afghan girl Zuhal can’t bear further loss of life


#Enough! of wasting water, Afghan Street Kids say

Shy Bismillah Finds Friends from 34 Afghan Provinces

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