Afghan, Mexican and Spanish youth say, “We’re the future human family!”


This Relational Learning Circle took place on the 12th of November, 2017. Three Afghan Peace Volunteers, Zarghuna, Habib and Zekerullah, connected from Kabul, Afghanistan. Mafe from Mexico and Paula from Spain connected from Singapore. Mariella from Guatemala missed the Circle.

The youth discussed their identities in terms of their cultures and how their identities are threatened by historical and current imperialism and wars. The video above with its transcript below is an excerpt from their enlightened conversation.

Text of Video Excerpt

Zarghuna: Before I became convinced about nonviolence, I saw myself as an Afghan. Now, I believe that we belong to the Earth!

Mafe: I identify myself as a Mexican, because this was the place where I was born. Culturally, and some ideologies, I’m still sharing them. But, I admit that sometimes, I would really like to see people just as people, not classifying them by their nationalities, and I understand that part because people would be more united.

Habib: If our culture is good, we won’t say that another culture is ‘bad’. We should practice our culture, recognize each other’s culture, and change and improve our lives though our cultures….

Paula: I think in trying to solve international problems, they go wrong because we don’t really know what the other country really needs. So, I think it’s essential to do this ( have relational learning circles ), especially between young people like us. We are the future of the life of the world. We’re the future of our countries. I think with an understanding between different countries and between different cultures, we can create a more united world, and avoid conflicts in the end.

Mafe: If we could just look at people not just as ‘they’re from here, they’re from there’, we could have a better relations, as citizens in all the world. I recognize that at the end we’re humans, and we’re a big community, and we must get along together as that.

Good bye from Kabul! Khuda Hafez! See you! Bye. Thank you! With pleasure!

We are the future human family!

Zarghuna, Zek and Habib

Zarghuna, Zek and Habib ( left to right ) in the Relational Learning Circle

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