Borderfree Blue Scarf

February 9, 2014

Borderfree Blue Scarf


Abdulhai wishes for a better world, a world of borderfree nonviolent relationships!

Smiles for #Enough!

The Borderfree ( #Enough! GEN ) Community in Kabul wearing the Blue Scarf


Borderfree in Afghanistan & the World

The Borderfree Blue Scarves symbolize the reality that all human beings live under the same blue sky, and are free and equal. The words embroidered on the scarves say ‘Borderfree’ and in Dari, ‘Bedun-e-marz.’



Letter from the Afghan Peace Volunteers


Salam from Kabul! Peace to you from Afghanistan!


We all live under the same blue sky!


The Borderfree Blue Scarves symbolize that reality. The words embroidered on the scarves say ‘Borderfree’ and in Dari, ‘Bedun-e-marz.’


The scarves are sewn by Afghan girls and ladies who are part of the Afghan Peace Volunteers. They get a small fee for each scarf they sew, and proceeds from scarves sold internationally go towards the work of the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan ( see )


You could request for or make your own Borderfree Blue Scarves, and form a Borderfree ( #Enough! GEN ) Community wherever you are, in solidarity with all in the human family who hope for a better world!


We look forward to being your Borderfree ( #Enough! GEN ) friends!


Please don’t feel alone.


The Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul would love to be in touch with you through Skype connections across all borders. Our Skype name is afghanpeacevolunteers

We wish to befriend youth, students, farmers, labourers, teachers, musicians and artists, environmentalists, social workers, indigenous communities and activists from every country in the world, thus catalyzing the most powerful force in the world – love.


We can also be in touch through: /

Sign ‘The People’s Agreement to Abolish War’ at


Love from Afghanistan,

Zarghuna, Hadisa, Maryam, Marwa, Zuhal, Zahra, Ali, Ghulam, Hoor, Abdulhai, Zekerullah, Barath, Khamad, Rohullah, Abid, Basir and Hakim, with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

Borderfree is the building of a critical mass of borderfree nonviolent relationships and alternatives for a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

We believe that revolution for a better world is grounded in nonviolent relationships, so we reject hatred and revenge, and we nurture equal relationships with nature & all human beings through local communities that connect with the human family worldwide, working together as a strong 99% to build a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

  1. Green : Eliminate the human causes of global warming
  2. Equal : Build a nonviolent, cooperative economy where the basic needs of all are met ( especially of the most vulnerable people )
  3. Nonviolent world without war: Abolish war and weapons, nurturing a non-violent, critical pedagogy.


Borderfree is partly a response to Prof Noam Chomsky’s challenge to build a world free of borders.



How the Borderfree Blue Scarves are made

Currently, about 15 female Afghan Peace Volunteers are sewing these blue scarves. Each of them gets a small wage per scarf. When more requests come, we will involve more female volunteers in the sewing.


The hems, twirls and embroidery are done by hand


Currently, we’re making two types of Borderfree Blue Scarves.

One uses a thinner, cotton material and is azure blue, the colour of the sky on a clear bright day. This blue is also found in lapis lazuli, a stone found in parts of Afghanistan.

The second type of scarf uses a heavier nylon material, is larger in dimension, and is close to periwinkle blue.

Each scarf has the embroidered words ‘Borderfree’, in English and Dari ( pronounced ‘bedun-e-marz’ , one of the two official languages of Afghanistan, meaning ‘without borders’ )

How to place orders for the Borderfree Blue Scarves from Afghanistan and pay for them

Borderfree Blue Scarves made by the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Afghanistan can be ordered by sending an email and a cheque payment to one of two Voices for Creative Nonviolence ( VCNV ) offices below. Cheque payments can either be made when placing the email order or at a later time after the scarves have been sold.

Email sent to:

Cheques payable to “VCNV UK”

31 Carisbrooke Road

St Leonards on Sea

East Sussex

TN38 0JN

United Kingdom


Email sent to:

Cheques payable to “Voices for Creative Nonviolence”

1249 West Argyle Street,

Chicago, IL  60640,


The email should state:

Full name of person requesting Borderfree Blue Scarves:

Name of organization/community:

Quantity of Borderfree Blue Scarves ordered:

Address for Borderfree Blue Scarves to be delivered to:

Cheque made out for __________ ( amount of money in US$ / British pounds or other currencies )




Email requests ( but no cheques ) can also be sent to:

The amount made out for in the cheque is determined by the individual or group making the order, based on the price per scarf at which they wish to sell the scarves at. The recommended selling price is on a sliding scale of US$10 to $15  or 5 to 9 British pounds per scarf.

The proceeds will go towards:

1. The cost of making the blue scarves, including payment of a small wage to the female Afghan Peace Volunteers for each scarf they sew. Afghan Peace Volunteers who help co-ordinate the Borderfree Blue Scarves project, and internationals involved in the delivery of and receipt of proceeds, are volunteers who do not charge any fee or profit from any of the proceeds.

2. The transport and delivery costs of the scarves

3. The Afghan Peace Volunteers’ long-term work for non-violence in Afghanistan.

How the Borderfree Blue Scarves from Afghanistan will be delivered to you

We’re currently working out economical means through international volunteers and contacts to transport and deliver/courier the scarves. We ask for your understanding as regards delivery time, which will depend on the availabilities of volunteers who can courier them from Afghanistan to your address.

We currently do not have existing funds dedicated to transport and delivery.

Making your own Blue Scarves

For those who would rather create and make their own ‘Borderfree Blue Scarf’, please refer to the photos below for guidance on their design and specifications.

Azure Blue Borderfree Blue Scarf : 140 cm X 54 cm


Periwinkle Blue Borderfree Blue Scarf : 188 cm X 74 cm

For those who do not yet personally know the Afghan Peace Volunteers, upon placing an order for Borderfree Blue Scarves, we invite you to make a Skype or telephone connection with us, in order to establish and build our friendship, by writing to

Enquiries about the Borderfree Blue Scarves can be made by writing to

Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre

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