Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Afghanistan

September 4, 2014

The Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Afghanistan was launched on the 7th of August, 2014.

From one of the persistent foci of wars, a group of young Afghan Peace Volunteers at the  Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre want to work nonviolently with the human family across all borders to abolish the socioeconomic, environmental, educational and military wars that are being waged in Afghanistan and the world today.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers at the launch of

the  Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre on 7th Aug 2014

BNVCC Dec 2015

Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre

Mission: Build a critical mass of nonviolent relationships for a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

We believe that revolution for a better world is grounded in nonviolent relationships, so we reject hatred and revenge, and we nurture equal relationships with nature & all human beings through local communities that connect with the human family worldwide, working together as a strong 99% to build a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

  1. Green : Eliminate the human causes of global warming
  2. Equal : Build a nonviolent, cooperative economy where the basic needs of all are met ( especially of the most vulnerable people )
  3. Nonviolent world without war: Abolish war and weapons, nurturing a non-violent, critical pedagogy.

The value we seek to practice: nonviolence ( love )

This is the first Centre in Afghanistan that is dedicated to nonviolence.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers seek to practice nonviolence in all aspects of life and community, including:

  1. Non-violence towards the earth and environment : to address global warming
  2. Non-violent economy: to build a sharing economy that meets the basic needs of all human beings
  3. Non-violent ways of conflict resolution: to abolish war and weapons and practice restorative justice
  4. Non-violent self and relationships with the earth and all human beings: to build relationships of equality across the borders of class, race, gender, language, religion, nations and other)
  5. Non-violent education and awareness: to nurture humane, pacifist persons who are engaged with serving humanity and building a better world


Building a green, equal and nonviolent world without war

A green world

–              Planting trees and developing green spaces ( gardens and parks ) in Afghanistan. The Afghan Peace Volunteers had helped develop Bamiyan Peace Park. Since 2014, they have been developing Kabul Peace Garden.


Tree planting in Kabul in a space where the volunteers wish to establish the Kabul Peace Park

–              Use and promotion of non-fossil fuels and renewable energy. The Afghan Peace Volunteers have installed solar power at the Centre, and hope to install a miniature wind-power system in 2016.

Solar Power at BNVCC

The solar panel on the roof of Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre

–             Permaculture Learning and practice: a small permaculture community vegetable garden has been started in Kabul, under the guidance of pioneer Australian permaculturalist, Rosemary Morrow. Rosemary will hold a permaculture workshop in Kabul in Feb 2016, and work has begun to establish a Permaculture Demonstration Plot in Kabul in 2016.

Hussein in the community permaculture vegetable plot


Organic farm

Afghan Peace Volunteers learning about permaculture last winter


–             In 2016, a new project called the ‘Borderfree Cycling Club’ has been formed to encourage Afghan boys and girls to use the bicycle instead of motorcycles and cars.

Borderfree Cycling Club

The volunteers of the Borderfree Cycling Club riding their bicycles in Kabul


An equal world

–              Borderfree Afghan Street Kids School – 93 Afghan Street Kids attended the school in 2015. 14 volunteer teachers teach the street kids Dari and Math literacy, nonviolence, creativity and tailoring.

Students and teachers in the afternoon classes of the street kids school

–              Winter duvet project

Workers lining up for their duvets in the Winter Duvet Project 2015

–              Women’s tailoring cooperative

Our small Afghan women’s tailoring cooperative has closed temporarily and efforts are ongoing to re-start the project in March of 2016.

–              Food Bank

Work has begun to establish a Food Bank in 2016. The Food Bank hopes to receive and store donated food items from Afghan shopkeepers, business persons and charitable groups, to be distributed to needy families, starting with the families of the 93 Afghan street kids at the Borderfree Afghan Street Kids School.

Food Bank at the BNVCC

The Food Bank at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre, where volunteers will store and distribute donated food items

Street Kids with rice

Some of the street kids with their oil and rice

–              Microloans for Afghan labourers

Resources are being raised to administer interest-free microloans to five or six Afghan labourers in March of 2016, so that the Afghan labourers can start small street businesses.

Ali meets labourers

An Afghan Peace Volunteer, Ali ( with back to camera ), meeting Afghan labourers


A nonviolent world without war

–              The #Enough! Campaign to abolish war was launched on the 21st of September 2015, the International Day of Peace. It is hoped that Borderfree Homes/Circles/ Communities/Space/Zones will be formed everywhere, through whom concrete alternative lifestyles will be built and solidarity non-violent actions ( with the Borderfree Blue Scarf ) will be organized, in order to build a green, equal and nonviolent world without war. The Afghan Peace Volunteers have begun making connections with different peace communities around the world, including Barefoot College in India, Jeju Island Peace Community, San Jose Peace Community in Colombia, the Okinawa anti-military base grassroots community and the Tamera community in Portugal.

Smiles for #Enough!

The Afghan Peace Volunteers say #Enough! War, Inequality and Global Warming!

Barefoot College Visit

Connecting with the Barefoot College in India, where solar power and solar water heating was used

 Jeju Peace Community

Connecting with the peace community in Jeju Island, South Korea

Connecting with the Peace Community in Colombia

Okinawa Peace Walk

Connecting with the people of Okinawa through the Okinawa Peace Walk

–              Various actions and activities for disarmament and to promote a life without weapons.


A ‘No to Weapons in Afghanistan’ Workshop with the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society

green without weapons

At Kabul Peace Garden, the Afghan Peace Volunteers and Street Kids held a mock funeral for toy guns in 2015.

The street kids destroyed toy guns and buried them, and over the ‘burial’ site, they planted an evergreen tree.


  Global Days of Listening and other Skype connections

Global Days of Listening on the 21st of every month

–              Multi-ethnic projects at the Centre : Borderfree Atan – the Atan is an Afghan national dance that is traditionally danced by the Pashtuns at wedddings and other celebrations.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers are gathering a group of 50 Afghan youth from different ethnic groups to learn and perform the Atan.

The Borderfree Atan team performing at Babur Garden in Kabul

–              Non-violent conflict resolution and peace building eg an online peace-building course was held in partnership with Marquette University Centre for Peacemaking.

Interested participants of the first Borderfree Marquette Online Peace Building Course in Jan and Feb 2015

–              Community stress and trauma management, through Capacitar’s methods of healing, and other methods


Our Afghan street kids learning Capacitar’s simple relaxation techniques


Bismillah in the Borderfree Library at the Centre

–              Borderfree Theatre : this group was established in December 2014 and in March 2015, they performed a play on drug addiction at the National Theatre in Kabul. The group has since taken a break while awaiting the availability of volunteer instructors.

Borderfree Theatre at a practice session in January 2015

–              Borderfree Radio : launched on Sound Cloud in Feb 2015

Zarghuna and Zahidi interviewing for Borderfree Radio


Our Borderfree Afghan street kids at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre’s launch

Launch of the  Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Afghanistan 7th August, 2014.

The web-post of the launch can be read at

The video can be viewed on video below


From Afghanistan, love can open every border!

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