May 31, 2010


Borderfree are communities of ordinary people relating with one another locally and worldwide to build green spaces where the human family shares in life’s basic needs, and there is no war!

#We want to heal! We’re not at peace with global warming, socioeconomic inequalities and wars.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers wish to opt out of the old, unimaginative status quo in Afghanistan, so they’ve become a Borderfree Community at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre, working together to build viable alternatives by:

  1. Establishing an organic/permaculture farm in 2015
  2. Sharing resources through a street kids’ program, a winter duvet project and a women’s tailoring cooperative
  3. Relating with all in the human family as friends, without weapons and wars, like through the worldwide Skype conversations of their Global Days of Listening program.

You can be a Borderfree Community wherever you are, in your own room, home, school, workplace, organization, farmland, arts and sports facility, garden, park or in any space where you are with one or more interested persons.

Your community can begin immediately by making small but constructive changes locally, with the vision of living at peace with everyone and with Mother Earth. This creates viable alternatives that free people from ‘business-as-usual’ systems and routines.

You also connect with other Borderfree Communities worldwide to catch courage, to affirm that you’re not the only ‘crazy’ J people, and to add to humanity’s healing globally. We demonstrate to one another that the better world we’re building is not a dream, but consists of real relationships and real options that we can feel, touch, and develop together.

We’ll wear the Borderfree Blue Scarf to remind ourselves that ‘all human beings live under the same blue sky’

 Let’s build green spaces where the human family shares in life’s basic needs, and there is no war!

Every hand of friendship is an act for freedom, so join one another to be Borderfree Communities by writing to





  The Afghan Peace Volunteers at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre



We are not at peace with the environmental, socioeconomic and military wars waged by the elite 1%.

Our education & media/entertainment systems no longer teach us to think creatively or relate compassionately.



Global warming


Iraq War 2003 & oil-fields

Test-based, economic-driven education



Violent media & entertainment


We wish to build Borderfree Communities, green spaces where the human family shares in life’s basic needs, and there’s no war!


Creating green spaces

eg organic/permaculture farm

An egalitarian economy

eg tailoring cooperative / blue scarf

Nonviolent peace building

eg Global Days of Listening


Creative and compassionate education

eg street kids’ school



Alternative media

eg Borderfree Theatre



*Agreement of a Borderfree Community

  1. A commitment to nonviolence

I’m part of a worldwide Borderfree Community that will build green spaces where the human family shares in life’s basic needs, and there is no war ! I support:

-          Agro-ecology and the use of non-fossil fuel energy

-          Egalitarian, non-violent livelihoods and a sharing economy

-          Resolving all conflicts in the human family as friends, without weapons and wars

  1. Being a Borderfree Community in your room, home, school, workplace, organization, farmland, arts and sports facility, garden, park or in any space

This can be of any size and shape, starting from two persons!

  1. Solidarity with other Borderfree Communities across the world through creative nonviolent actions with the blue scarf or other blue Borderfree symbols.

You can regularly organize various creative nonviolent activities and actions to address the socioeconomic, environmental, military, educational or other injustices in your local community.


How to become a Borderfree Community

  1. Email us at with a simple introduction as below :

I wish to be a Borderfree Community!* ( see *Agreement of Borderfree Community above )



Place of Home/Community/Group/Organization (City/Province/State/Others):


Skype address ( if any ) :

  1. Skype or communicate online with the Afghan Peace Volunteers and with other Borderfree Communities to encourage, share ideas and build solidarity actions.

Skype address : afghanpeacevolunteers                               Email :

  1. Make your own Borderfree Blue Scarf or purchase hand-sewn scarves from Afghanistan

NB : Those who are unsure of a commitment to nonviolence may consider signing up as a Borderfree Contact instead of signing up as a Borderfree Community


Borderfree Community World Map

When you’ve joined as a Borderfree Community, your community will show up on the Borderfree Community world map:






Abdulhai wishes for a better world, a world free of borders



bedun-e-marz’, which is ‘without borders’ in Dari


‘Borderfree’ believes that all human beings are free and equal members of the human family who live under the same blue sky.

‘Borderfree’ shuns weapons and all forms of violence.

‘Borderfree’ does not seek political power, and it is not left or right or center wing in its views. It focuses on using non-violent actions to resolve conflicts in a reconciliatory and restorative way.

Borderfree’ is a non-profit network. It will not be funded by any government. Its funds will come from the people.

‘Borderfree’ is not a faith-based group, even while it seeks to practice human virtues and values.



Borderfree in Afghanistan & the World



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