May 31, 2010

Abdulhai wishes for a better world, a world free of borders



bedun-e-marz’, which is ‘without borders’ in Dari



Borderfree is the human family relating and working together non-violently and in solidarity under the same blue sky, organizing ourselves as a strong 99% free of borders, so as to address today’s exploitative inequalities by :

  1. Building alternative, egalitarian socio-economic and education systems
  2. Refraining from the use and purchase of fossil fuels, growing food and planting trees to slow down global warming
  3. Abolishing war, as humanity has experienced, not only through World War I & II, that war is an ineffective, violent and archaic way to resolve human disputes


Borderfree Blue Scarf Communities

-under the same blue sky!


Salam from Kabul! Peace to you from Afghanistan!

The Borderfree Blue Scarves are sewn by Afghan girls and ladies who are part of our group, the Afghan Peace Volunteers.

The blue scarves symbolize the reality that all human beings live under the same blue sky, and are free and equal. The words embroidered on the scarves say ‘Borderfree’ and in Dari, ‘Bedun-e-marz.’

We are thankful to you for your friendship and your nonviolent work for peace. Please don’t feel alone.

You could request for or make your own Borderfree Blue Scarves, and/or create a Borderfree Home/Community/Space/Zone wherever you are, in solidarity with all in the human family who hope for a better world!

The Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul would love to be in touch with you through Skype connections across all borders. Our Skype name is afghanpeacevolunteers

We wish to befriend youth, students, farmers, labourers, teachers, musicians and artists, environmentalists, social workers, indigenous communities and activists from every country in the world, thus catalyzing the most powerful force in the world – love.

We can also be in touch through:



- Twitter @afg_borderfree (with the hashtag #2millionvoices)


Love from Afghanistan,

Torpekai, Sadaf, Zerghuna, Zahidi, Shakira, Basir, Abdulhai, Zekerullah, Faiz, Raz, Barath, Khamad, Hikmat and Hakim, with the Afghan Peace Volunteers



“The political and economic mafia of Afghanistan and the world run my country with their guns and bombs,” says Abdulhai, a 17 year old Afghan Peace Volunteer. “We the people are rather helpless, unless we stand together.”

This global system of wealthy, elitist, authoritarian states and corporations is heating our climate, depriving us of decent education, healthcare, jobs and the most basic human needs of food, water, shelter and friendship, as well as militarizing the daily lives and civil liberties of billions of us.

Borderfree is partially a response to Prof Noam Chomsky’s challenge in a commencement speech at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon on June 14, 2013, The defenders of Taksim Square are at the forefront of a worldwide struggle to preserve the global commons from the ravages of that same wrecking ball – a struggle in which we must all take part, with dedication and resolve, if there is to be any hope for decent human survival in a world that has no borders.”

Thankfully, today, people across all borders are awakening to the reality that their daily struggles over seemingly ‘separate’ issues have common root causes spinning off from ‘that same wrecking ball’, and as we join the dots, we are voicing our democratic hopes together, non-violently.

We realize that to address global warming, we need to address socio-economic inequalities, and to address socio-economic inequalities, we need to address militarism and wars.

Like Abdulhai, we understand that we need to stand together, no longer as ‘separate’ 0.01%s, but as a human family of non-violent people developing alternatives for a better world.

Afghanistan is a stark example of a country that is being mis-governed by the governments of the world. Deforestation has left only 1.5% of Afghanistan’s land area under forest cover. Sixty percent of Afghan children are malnourished. In 2012, at least 2500 Afghan women committed suicide. And over the past four decades, Afghan families have lost at least 2 million loved ones to wars.

“At the forefront of the assault on nature,” writes Professor Noam Chomsky, “are those who call themselves the most advanced and civilized: the richest and most powerful nations.” These political and corporate elites are assaulting the environment and the people without regard to borders.

Now, it’s the people’s time to awaken with hope, link hands and get organized.

Over the next few months from February 2014, we’ll brainstorm and ‘heart-storm’ to build consensus on the long term strategy of this effort, working towards an eventual launch of Borderfree through an international festival.

We already have more than twenty people from various peace and social justice communities in Afghanistan, the UK, the U.S., Sweden, Australia and Singapore involved in the preliminary correspondence, and will soon organize working committees to lay the foundations for various aspects of the work.

If you wish to participate in any way, please email


‘Borderfree’ believes that all human beings are free and equal members of the human family who live under the same blue sky.

‘Borderfree’ shuns weapons and all forms of violence.

‘Borderfree’ does not seek political power, and it is not left or right or center wing in its views. It focuses on using non-violent actions to resolve conflicts in a reconciliatory and restorative way.

Borderfree’ is a non-profit network. It will not be funded by any government. Its funds will come from the people.

‘Borderfree’ is not a faith-based group, even while it seeks to practice human virtues and values.



Borderfree in Afghanistan & the World



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