May 31, 2010



Abdulhai wishes for a better world, a world of Borderfree nonviolence


bedun-e-marz’, which is ‘without borders’ in Dari


Borderfree is the building of a critical mass of borderfree nonviolent relationships and alternatives for a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

We believe that revolution for a better world is grounded in nonviolent relationships, so we reject hatred and revenge, and we nurture equal relationships with nature & all human beings through local communities that connect with the human family worldwide, working together as a strong 99% to build a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

  1. Green : Eliminate the human causes of global warming
  2. Equal : Build a nonviolent, cooperative economy where the basic needs of all are met ( especially of the most vulnerable people )
  3. Nonviolent world without war: Abolish war and weapons, nurturing a non-violent, critical pedagogy.

An important milestone of Borderfree was reached when the Afghan Peace Volunteers launched #Enough! ( ) on the 21st of September 2015, the International Day of Peace.

Through #Enough!, it is hoped that Earth GEN communities will be formed everywhere, through whom concrete alternative lifestyles will be built and non-violent solidarity actions ( with the Borderfree Blue Scarf ) will be organized, in order to build a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

We’ll wear the Borderfree Blue Scarf to remind ourselves that ‘all human beings live under the same blue sky’

 Let’s build green spaces where the human family shares in life’s basic needs, and there is no war!

Every hand of friendship is an act for freedom, so join one another to be Borderfree Communities by writing to


  The Afghan Peace Volunteers at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre


We are not at peace with the environmental, socioeconomic and military wars waged by the elite 1%.

Our education & media/entertainment systems no longer teach us to think creatively or relate compassionately.


Global warming


Iraq War 2003 & oil-fields

Test-based, economic-driven education


Violent media & entertainment



“The political and economic mafia of Afghanistan and the world run my country with their guns and bombs,” says Abdulhai, a 17 year old Afghan Peace Volunteer. “We the people are rather helpless, unless we stand together.”

This global system of wealthy, elitist, authoritarian states and corporations is heating our climate, depriving us of decent education, healthcare, jobs and the most basic human needs of food, water, shelter and friendship, as well as militarizing the daily lives and civil liberties of billions of us.

Borderfree is partially a response to Prof Noam Chomsky’s challenge in a commencement speech at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon on June 14, 2013, “The defenders of Taksim Square are at the forefront of a worldwide struggle to preserve the global commons from the ravages of that same wrecking ball – a struggle in which we must all take part, with dedication and resolve, if there is to be any hope for decent human survival in a world that has no borders.”

Thankfully, today, people across all borders are awakening to the reality that their daily struggles over seemingly ‘separate’ issues have common root causes spinning off from ‘that same wrecking ball’, and as we join the dots, we are voicing our democratic hopes together, non-violently.

We realize that to address global warming, we need to address socio-economic inequalities, and to address socio-economic inequalities, we need to address militarism and wars.

Like Abdulhai, we understand that we need to stand together, no longer as ‘separate’ 0.01%s, but as a human family of non-violent people developing alternatives for a better world.

Afghanistan is a stark example of a country that is being mis-governed by the governments of the world. Deforestation has left only 1.5% of Afghanistan’s land area under forest cover. Sixty percent of Afghan children are malnourished. In 2012, at least 2500 Afghan women committed suicide. And over the past four decades, Afghan families have lost at least 2 million loved ones to wars.

“At the forefront of the assault on nature,” writes Professor Noam Chomsky, “are those who call themselves the most advanced and civilized: the richest and most powerful nations.” These political and corporate elites are assaulting the environment and the people without regard to borders.

Now, it’s the people’s time to awaken with hope, link hands and get organized.

Borderfree Earth GEN Communities

Borderfree Earth GEN Communities are two or more persons who relate and work together non-violently, along with others in the human family across all borders, for the purpose of building a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

So, you only need to find one other friend to form a Borderfree Earth GEN Community.

Having had #Enough! global warming, inequalities and war, Earth GEN are current and future generations who nurture borderfree nonviolent relationships in community so as to build Green, Equal and Nonviolent alternatives, including the abolition of war.

Borderfree Earth GEN Communities can use any space, including a room, a corner, a house, a meeting place, a restaurant, a shop, an office, a garden, a farm,  a community centre, a cultural or arts centre, a playground, a sports facility, a classroom, a school or university, a workers’ union, a street, a lake, a river, a forest, a beach, a trek, a hill, in short, any space!

Borderfree Earth GEN Communities can use Borderfree Blue Scarves for solidarity across the world. You can make on your own Borderfree Blue Scarves or request some from the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul!

The Afghan Peace Volunteers are a Borderfree Earth GEN Community working voluntarily at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul.


Smiles for #Enough!

The Afghan Peace Volunteers say #Enough! War, Inequality and Global Warming!

The Afghan Peace Volunteers have made connections with peace groups around the world, and with intentional peace communities like the Barefoot College in India, Jeju Island Peace Community, San Jose Peace Community in Colombia, the Okinawa ‘anti-military base’ grassroots community and the Tamera community in Portugal.

Below are photos of our connections with intentional peace communities around the world.

Barefoot College Visit

Connecting with the Barefoot College in India, where solar power and solar water heating was used

Jeju Peace Community protesting the U.S. Naval Base

Connecting with the peace community in Jeju Island, South Korea

Colombia Peace Community School

Connecting with the Peace Community in Colombia

Okinawa #Enough! GEN Solidarity

Connecting with the people of Okinawa through the Okinawa Peace Walk

You can see other photos of other peace communities at the links below:

Borderfree Blue Scarves

Smiles for #Enough!

The Borderfree ( #Enough! GEN ) Community in Kabul wearing the Blue Scarf

Letter from the Afghan Peace Volunteers

Salam from Kabul! Peace to you from Afghanistan!

We all live under the same blue sky!

The Borderfree Blue Scarves symbolize that reality. The words embroidered on the scarves say ‘Borderfree’ and in Dari, ‘Bedun-e-marz.’

The scarves are sewn by Afghan girls and ladies who are part of the Afghan Peace Volunteers. They get a small fee for each scarf they sew, and proceeds from scarves sold internationally go towards the work of the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan ( see )

You could request for or make your own Borderfree Blue Scarves, and form a Borderfree Earth GEN Community wherever you are, in solidarity with all in the human family who hope for a better world!

We look forward to being your Borderfree ( #Enough! GEN ) friends!

Please don’t feel alone. The Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul would love to be in touch with you through Skype connections across all borders. Our Skype name is afghanpeacevolunteers

We wish to befriend youth, students, farmers, labourers, teachers, musicians and artists, environmentalists, social workers, indigenous communities and activists from every country in the world, thus catalyzing the most powerful force in the world – love.

We can also be in touch through: /

Sign ‘The People’s Agreement to Abolish War’ at

Love from Afghanistan,

Zarghuna, Hadisa, Maryam, Marwa, Zuhal, Zahra, Ali, Ghulam, Hoor, Abdulhai, Zekerullah, Barath, Khamad, Rohullah, Abid, Basir and Hakim, with the Afghan Peace Volunteers

You can read more about the Borderfree Blue Scarves here:


Borderfree in Afghanistan & the World

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